Upgrade, Operation and Maintenance of Potable Water Treatment Plant for the country’s Smart and Sustainable City (Capacity: 8,400m3/day)

Irrespective of the pollution that degrade the quality of the raw water, Lakes and ponds still remain as a reliable source of water, a water treatment plant can be built to treat the raw water for treated water to be supplied to consumers be it in the municipal or private segments.

Align with our client’s aspiration to become a model corporation in building smart and sustainable cities, Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad (AIRB) has come forward to provide the combination of membrane treatment system. The project which has been completed and started operation since 1st July 2020, allow the commercial buildings around the smart city to have an access to an alternative treated water supply.

The water treatment plant operates at a maximum production capacity up to 8,400m3/day which reduced the clients’ dependency on the treated water supply from the municipal water operator. The treated water quality produced by the system operated by AIRB complies with Ministry of Health (MOH) drinking water standards.

AIRB’s scope of work for this project is to upgrade the existing low pressure submerged ultrafiltration (UF) system by using new UF membrane unit sourced from Australia. With the application of advanced technology of hybrid Ultra-Filtration (UF) as the pre-treatment process and Reverse Osmosis (RO) processes to meet the quality standards of potable drinking water, AIRB has set up a dedicated operation team to operate the water treatment plant for 10 years contract.

With mutually agreed water tariff, client is committed to purchase a minimum volume of treated water from AIRB throughout the project supply period. The water treatment plant shall be transferred to client at the end of the project tenure with an agreed transfer value.

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