Wastewater Recycling Plant for Rubber Glove Factory

Client: Careplus Group Berhad
Project Duration: April 2017 – November 2017
Location: Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
SOW: Process Design, Detail Engineering Design, Supply, Install, Operate
B.O.T Period: 10 Years

Project scope is design, build, operate, and financing of wastewater recycling plant with a final product flow rate of 45 m3/hr. The influent wastewater was taken from the discharge of wastewater treatment plant. The recycling plant is able to treat influent quality of around 1500ppm TDS down to < 80ppm TDS and < 5ppm 5 mg/l as CaCO3. The wastewater coming from a series of rubber glove production lines (1005 Nitrile glove).

The recycling System includes: – Chlorination for bacteria growth control and oxidation, multi-media and Carbon filtration for organic suspended solid removal, 2 Pass RO Treatment Unit for dissolved salt removal, and final product distribution.