Technical Visit In Conjunction With Malaysia Water Engineers Action Committee (MYWAC) Visit



Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad (SAMB) has been selected as the organizer of the MYWAC Annual Meeting for the year 2021 on 12th to 15th December 2021. The engagement was attended by representatives of water supply operators from all over Malaysia.

Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad as one of Malaysia’s water system provider took this opportunity to share the knowledge and skills of Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) with other water operators. Among the programs that have been scheduled is a session to share AIRB’s experience in implementing the operation of Ultra Filtration System (UF) & Seawater Reverse Osmosis System (SWRO) at Pulau Besar Water Plant, Melaka.

AIRB hopes that this visit will provide a better insight on the UF and SWRO system, allowing operators in Malaysia to bring on this up and coming technology and knowledge to each state’s water service provider. As these two systems contribute to a circular economy being that both are able to treat most wastewater as well as treating seawater which is an unlimited resource, implementation of these systems will show Malaysia’s commitment to reaching Goal six (6) on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDGs) – Clean Water and Sanitation.

Most importantly, this will prove that water management is a team effort within the nation and together, we can improve our nation’s water system as a whole. In conclusion, AIRB focuses will be on creating a resilient and sustainable water services industry to ensure balanced coverage and access in an effort to improve service quality, supply management, demand and operational efficiency of water services in our count.