Reclaim Water Plant for Nitrile Glove Factory (1000m3/day)

As one of the leading rubber glove manufacturers in Malaysia, Care Glove Global Sdn Bhd (CGG) faced similar challenges that is commonly happen among its industry, i.e to consume large volumes of water, chemicals and therefore produce enormous amounts of wastewater. The limitation of water supply by state water operator, especially during drought season often become the major obstacle for the company to undergoes production expansion. In addition, the discharge of large volume of industrial effluent requires careful monitoring and control in order to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

To overcome the above challenges, Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad (AIRB) has stepped forward to provide wastewater reclamation system which enable client to achieve self- sustainable water supply and minimize the wastewater discharge to the environment.

AIRB provides comprehensive services including the financing, design and construction of the reclamation facility at client’s premises, as well as providing operation and maintenance services to produce the reclaim water for a project period of 10 years. With mutually agreed reclaim water tariff, clients are committed to purchase a minimum volume of reclaim water from AIRB throughout the project supply period. The plant asset shall transfer to client at the end of the project tenure with an agreed transfer value.

Technologies of Reclaim System

AIRB uses hybrid conventional multimedia filtration system and reverse osmosis (RO) technology to achieve the reclaim water quality specified by client. The hybrid combination of conventional and membrane technologies able to treat the influent water quality from maximum 1200ppm total dissolved solids (TDS) to final product water of < 80ppm TDS, free of suspended solids, colour, odour and organics. Reclaim water quality are design to meet the water specification similar to city water (JBA) water standard. The water reclamation system also includes post chlorination process for bacteria control and disinfection purposes.

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