Wastewater Recycling Plant for Rubber Glove Factory (Latex-based glove)


Client: Careglove Global Sdn. Bhd
Project Duration: April 2016 – November 2016
Location: Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
SOW: Process Design, Detail Engineering Design, Supply, Install, Operate
B.O.T Period: 10 Years
Site Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCaSrK_1coM – Video

The project’s aim was to recycle the final effluent of treated wastewater being discharged from the client’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Project scope including design, build, operate, and financing the project. The recycling plant is able to treat influent water quality up to 1000ppm TDS to the final product of < 80ppm TDS and < 5ppm 5 mg/l as CaCO3.

The O&M of the plant is carried out by AIRB for a proposed period of 10 years, that will later undertake a full transfer to the client on asset and operation. Throughout the B.O.T period, AIRB covers all operational expenses such as chemicals, power for the recycling plant, manpower for the operation, and other system consumables.

The recycling System includes: – Chlorination for bacteria growth control and oxidation, multi-media and Carbon filtration for organic suspended solid removal, RO Treatment Unit for dissolved salt removal, and final product distribution.