Potable Water System for Pelitanah Estate

Client:                                 Tradewinds Plantation Management Sdn. Bhd.
Project Duration:              April 2016 – November 2016
Location:                           Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
SOW:                                  Engineering Design, Supply & Install (Turnkey Project)

The client was concerned for their plantation worker because of insufficient clean water. AIRB was responsible to build two water treatment plant with the capacity of 10 m³/hour and 5 m³/hour by treating the river and distribute to the worker’s quarters. The raw water treatment plant is normally used to treat the intake source of water from high turbidity.

The water treatment system is needed to ensure the turbidity of the treated water is recommended below 2 NTU. The configuration of the raw water treatment system is consisting of raw water intake pumps, chemical dosing system, clarifier, clarified water tank, multimedia filter & activated carbon filter.

The water source (intake pond) is located 1km away from the WTP (water treatment plant). The raw water is pumped using the raw water diesel pump to the WTP through the 3inch diameter HDPE (HighDensity Polyethylene) piping. Before the raw water flows into the inclined clarifier, a few types of coagulation & flocculation chemicals were injected in particular partition. After the flocculation chamber, water flows through the clarifier.

Then, the flocs will settle inside the clarifier and the clarified water comes out from the perforated plate of the clarifier and goes into the clarified water tank. The flocs that settled inside the clarifier will be turned into sludge and will be discharged from the clarifier through the valve outlet at the tapered cone of the clarifier. The clarified water is then pumped by filter booster pump to pass through the filtration media in the activated carbon filter to remove organic, taste and odours in water. Finally, it will be transferred to the filtered water tank before distributing to the consumer.